Kobe wins first career MVP award

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, May 7, 2008.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Well congratulations to Kobe Bryant for winning his first MVP award, he did deserve this award this year, he was a dominant player from start to finish, and his team finished in first place in the Western Conference Finals.

  2. padd

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    what ever happend to Steve Nash?
  3. Matriqulated

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    Suns Traded for Shaq mid-season and got bounced out of the 1st round. Had the trade worked out Nash might have been in the mix, but so far it ain't working they way they planned. The suns went from being a speedy fast break team to a squad with no sound identity. I'd say KG and Chris Paul deserved serious consideration. However the Celtics added multiple pieces this year and the East is considerably weaker than the west. The Lakers locking up the #1 seed is probably what sealed the deal for Kobe. If Kobe had been traded as he requested in the off season, the Lakers probably would have missed the playoffs all together. With Kobe/Gasol/Odom/Fisher healthy I'll be shocked if the Lakers don't win the championship.
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  4. The_Burger_King

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    Kobe finally passing some and being a team player this season helped alot. I don't think they went wrong with choosing Kobe although Chris Paul had a good resume this season for MVP.
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  6. viLky

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    I'm surprise this is his first MVP. Who won it during the Lakers champion winning steak back in 04' and such? He deserved one then, too.
  7. Matriqulated

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    O4-05 Steve Nash ironically.
    03-04 KG also ironically.

    Chris Paul will surely get his sooner or later.
  8. Major

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    I've never been one of Kobe's biggest fans (in fact, I've always hated him), but he's been the best player in the NBA over the past few years and I'm happy to see him finally win his first MVP award. He deserves it. The Bulls were retarded to pass on him last off-season.
  9. Matriqulated

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    Couldn't have said it any better. I respected Kobe until he ran Shaq out of LA. During that whole fiasco he came off as a spoiled brat. However, his image has done a 180 over the past season, and I can't deny his consistent scoring.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    Chris Paul did play like an MVP this season, but I believe that Kobe played a little better, and the fact that his team finished first in the Western Conference really helped. I'm happy for Kobe, unlike other years where people complained he deserved it over someone else, he did deserve it this time.

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