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Kobe Signature


Aw, Here It Goes!
Tried to make this one simple just took apart a wallpaper and tried to make a sig out of it. Made it for some on another forum he wants a simple sig. But for some reason the pics on the side are Blurry?

Kobe Signature



I like the look, just a bit blurry on those side pictures, maybe make another version without them and see how that looks, its looking cool though, the whole simple look might work.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would have to agree with Tantheman, the whole idea is great but the first picture is very blurry, and it's hard to see. The only picture that you can clearly see is the picture of Kobe where you see is face. Othen then that good job.


Sorry dislike all over it. Really blurry IMO and I do not care for the stock pictures at all.

Keep up the effort though.

truper krit09

I don't like the blurry photos.. It throws the whole sig off.. I would like it but it has blurry pictures and it is KOBE! Yuck.
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