Kobe Requests "Immediate Hearing" Over One-Game Suspension


Sultan of Swat
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AP -
Kobe Bryant requested an "immediate hearing" with the NBA office to discuss the one-game suspension he was given earlier Tuesday for striking San Antonio's Manu Ginobili in the face.

Bryant was to miss Tuesday's game against the New York Knicks , leaving the Lakers without their leading scorer when they opened an eight-game road trip.

However, since Bryant was already in New York, he was still hoping for a chance to play.



Aw, Here It Goes!
I saw the play it was a little iffy, I mean it could have been an accident but then again it also could have been frustration over getting his shot blocked. What ever the case may be I dont thing they will repeal it.


Kobe probably tried to draw a foul by flailing his arm for contact after he got blocked, he's done similar things before. Against Utah last season, with the Lakers down three with little time left, he was played tight by Devin Brown on a three-point shot and after shooting it, he swung his right arm straight at Devon, hitting him across his arms. The shot missed, Kobe turned and looked at the ref, and the ref waited about two seconds and called a foul, sending Kobe to the line, and he tied the game at the line. It went into overtime and the Lakers won.

It's kinda cheap, but there was no malicious intent involved, and Kobe went to check on Ginobili when he saw that he was slow to get up. There shouldn't have been a suspension.


I say he was trying to box Ginobilli out.. to make sure he doesnt get the ball, but you know the Commissioner:scared: