Kobe encore with 50 points against T Puppies

Discussion in 'NBA' started by orlando tragic, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Kobe becomes second Laker to score 50 points in consecutive games. Elgin Baylor did it 42 years ago.

  2. patkick

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    omg, Kobe Bryant never stops to amaze people with his sick scoring ability. I've seen the sportscenter and NBA highlights. He just scored some ridiculous shots like that 3 pointer where he was double teamed.
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    No it's his push to make the playoffs, Jackson told him to stop playing the team role and start to take over games, and that's what he has done for the last two games, and they won those two games, and I believe he'll continue to do so till they clinch a playoff spot.
  4. I doubt he gets MVP. Journalists collectively hate him. BUT it is a push for the playoffs I can tell you that much.
  5. Fresh

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    IMO its too late for him too win MVP its a 2 man race even it he scores 50 in 10 more games. Its just Dirk and Nash and their teams provide a better story line for the media and the association. Kobe wins games but Dirk and Steve make their teams better.
  6. Kobe is the best player in the league by fa,r but he won't win MVP. But personally I think the whole choosing of an MVP in the league is greatly flawed.

    The true definition of an MVP to me is the player who exerts his overall skill day in and day out, and proves to the world that overall their skill level is the highest. You must also take into consideration Kobe's teammates. Besides Lamar Odom, and maybe Luke Walton he is surrounded by by bench type players who are not suited to start in the NBA.

    Oh, and to wrap things up. I'm sick, and fucking tired of the haters constantly down playing Kobe's game, and that he is a "ball-hog". Question one, who does Kobe have to pass too on the offensive end who can consistently score? Question two, if the man can score, why not let him do what he's best at?

    Whether they like it or not.. he is if not the best..he is top five greatest offensive players in the history of the game. NOT OVERALL, I'M SAYING on offense.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    Kobe Bryant is a great player, he can score anytime he wants too because of the tremendous scoring abilities he has. But a MVP means Most Valuable Player to your team. And the things that Steve Nash does for is team compared to what Kobe Bryant does for is, it's not even close. Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and even Shawn Marion wouldn't be playing at the level there playing right now if it wasnt for Nash, and that's why he does desever the MVP and that why I think that Kobe Bryant didn't get roobed from the trophee the last couple of yearx

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