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Kobe Bryant to be traded to the CHICAGO BULLS


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know this topic is old, and the rumours of Kobe going to Chicago aren't really going on anymore, but I still want to give my whole opinion about this.

I think Kobe going Chicago for all those players wouldn't be to smart for the Bulls. I don't think that Kobe would like this trade either because he's probably going to have the same success that he had with the Lakers in recent years, what I mean by that is that the Bulls would be trading all their main players just to get Kobe, and that would give Kobe doing it all by himself once again.

The Lakers would defenitly win this trade hands down. Deng and Gordon are both good young players, and have lot of potential, especially Deng, I believe in a couple of years he's going to be one of the best players in the league. This guy has gotten better every year and he's only going to get better in my opinion. Gordon is a great scorer, and when he's on fire he can score at will. Then the Bulls include lots of small role players in the this trade as well.

Kobe is one of the best players in the league, and I doubt that the Lakers will trade him, I know Buss traded for Shaq, but I think Buss prefers Kobe over Shaq, that's why he elected to trade him. Paxon realizes that the Lakers are asking way to much for Kobe that's why this trade didn't go through, and on the other side, I believe the Lakers deep down don't want to get rid of him.


As a huge Bulls fan I can only dream that Pax would be able to get a deal done, especially now that the talks have died down...:shake:
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