Kobe Bryant Playing with a Broken Finger


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How long has Kobe been playing with a broken finger? He has had two fingers tied together for a while now.

I thought he was doing it for some other reasons but in the game against Cleveland a few days ago he messed up that finger again. This got me thinking more about this.

Does he just refuse to let it heal? You'd think the Laker's would want him to give it time to heal and not LET him play in the meantime.

What gives?


Sultan of Swat
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I don't know if they are broken, I believe they are dislocated. But with that being said he's been playing like that for the last year or so. He refused to get surgery this off-season because of the Olympics, and he refused to get surgery after the Olympics because he didn't want to miss time with the Lakers.

I don't even think it bothers him, he's still playing great basketball, and putting up great numbers.


A Darker Knight
It was a torn ligament in his pinky, I believe. I forgot what happened to his other finger. It might've been a dislocation.

I find it strange how he can still play so well with messed up fingers on his shooting hand. Makes you wonder how he'll play if his finger do heal. I think the Lakers can afford to let him get surgery, maybe a month or so ago. They're clearly ahead in the western conference and the bench is playing solid.

Too bad it's almost all-star weekend. There goes more healing time.


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Even if he would opt to get surgery, I'm sure he'd be back sooner then most thing. If he's not going to let the torn ligament in his pinkie and a dislocated other finger, then why's he going to let surgery keep him out for very long?