Kobe BRYANT - new number, same old game




made it in celebration of lakers season starting (2-0) btw.. hope kobe plays soon.


Sultan of Swat
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I like the theme of the sig, the quote of New Number same Old game is great, but you should of chosen a picture where you see Kobe's new number, but don't get me wrong the picture you chose is great. But other then that the sig is great my friend, background is awesome and I love the font. Keep up the great work.
The colors in the background are great, and the text blends in really well especially in V2. I like the bubbly effects you put in as well, but say the same thing as Vince about the choice of picture.

Edit: the really transparent pictures of him in the background are a nice touch! didn't see those at first.


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Yay it's in my favorite color, purple! Lol But anyway I like it, though the pic on the left looks alittle too bright. Plus the best thing about it is that...it's got bubbles!*pokes them* Nice work tan on the sports sig, ur is always different and unique from the rest lol