Knowledge of Death


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If you know just by looking at person when he or she will die (just the when, not the cause), how would use this information, if you would use it at all?

This is of course a hypothetical situation with the following conditions: You have this knowledge (except about yourself) and you cannot choose to not know. The time of death is fixed, not changeable by whatever course of action. So, don't fight the hypothetical (if you're struggling with it, better not reply).

For example, if you know your friend is dying tomorrow, would you tell him? Would your behavior with him today change? Or if you know that one of the two presidential candidates will die within the year after the election, would you bother voting for him? Stuff like that...


I think it's both an advantage and disadvantage to have this knowledge. On one hand, I see a lot of people regretting not being able to say things to or do things with someone before that someone passes away. If they knew in advance that the person will soon die, then they can say all they want to say to him and not have that regret later. I might use this information in this manner.

The disadvantage is the burden. There would be a part of you who would want to do things to stop it from happening (even if you know, like in this scenario, that it's inevitable), especially if you think that death is a bad thing. Then you'd feel frustrated later. And much as you want to ignore the information, I can imagine a time when you wish you can let the person know he's going to die soon. Perhaps in an effort to make him do all that he wants before he runs out of time. I might do this too.


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If it was a friend then I would try to spend a bit more time with them and make their last day or days the best they ever had.

Now if it was a presidential candidate I would still vote for them if the running mate was a good candidate as well.

But this is truly a curse I would not want. talk about torture knowing when people are gonna die and there is nothing you can do to stop it.


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This would be a scary ability but since I can't prevent it, I would just hang out with my friend and if it's a stranger, I would talk to them like how is your day going or the weather is nice today. If I tell them they are going to die, they are going to look at me like I am nuts and they are not going to believe me. If you tell their parents and they die, they are going to think that I murdered them.


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If it's someone I know, then I would try to make sure the days leading up to it were an adventure for them...if I could. If it were someone I didn't know, I would probably be calloused to it by then, and do nothing, since I can see the date for everyone.
Knowing the time of a friend's or any random stranger's death would be a burden. I'd feel guilty not being able to tell and save them from fate. I would spend with the friend, making their last days enjoyable.


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This scenario reminds a hell of a lot of this video:

Nickelback - Savin' Me

Personally, I recognize it'd be a hell of a burden, to know exactly when everyone would die - but I'd try to use that burden and turn it into a gift, of sorts. I would use it to spread the message of how life should be enjoyed while it's still yours to enjoy. It might sound wierd, but if knowing when someone was going to die meant I could make them enjoy it to the fullest in their last days, then yeah, I'd tell them. Not the exact date though. Maybe a day or two after the actual end date so that they wouldn't be too pent up with fear and worry.

With friends and family, though, it would be a burden too great to bear. I'd distance myself from everyone, sever all ties. I wouldn't be able to take it. If having the ability to make people's lives more enjoyable while they still had the chance meant living alone in solitude, then I think it would be worth it. Not enough people enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed while they still have the opportunity to actually enjoy it. It's a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless.


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I think this would be awful to have the knowledge of when someone is gonna die. If it was my friend I would want to spend the day with them and tell them all the stuff I wanted to in the past, but couldnt.

I wouldn't tell anyone that I knew because firstly they would think that I'm crazy, and secondly I wouldn't want to stress them out and make their last day hell on earth, by telling them that they were gonna die.


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Kind of reminds me of the movie Unbreakable.

I think I would probably tell people on a case by case basis. Now, granted, I'd have to build up a track record of being right or I'd just come across as a lunatic who might as well be reading terret cards or staring into a crystal ball. :lol:

Nobody listens to those fools.


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If it was a close friend I wouldn't tell them but I would spend a lot of time with them before it happened. I'd make sure their last days were the best days ever. If I broke that news to them they would think I was crazy or freak out and I wouldn't want either of those things to happen.


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I would use this gift to make millions of dollars. That's about the only thing it's good for. I think it would be a terrible burden to know when your friends and family are going to die. Do you really need to know they're dying for an excuse to spend more time with them? If you love them you should be spending time with them already.