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Discussion in 'Ideas & Support' started by NewGamePlus, Feb 23, 2006.

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    If we had a contest for the "Best Recorded Video Game Stunt" on the board. That would be so awesome. I'm not even talking records or glitches either. I'm talking about the kind of stunts that you can't really measure objectively but are just plain awesome to see. Like for example, playing a game of PD or GE and choosing a level with the most enemies in close proximity and using the loudest gun ever and getting through the whole thing completely unscathed. Or some other insanely hard challenge in Mario 64, or a hard boss in a Zelda game, or anything that's just plain crazy and insane in a video game. That would be cool. People could use the game and settings of their choice. It's entirely up to them. All they would need is a VCR, a tape, and a way to upload it to the net to be seen. And then when all the tapes are in, a panel of judges could vote on the videos for the one with the most insane stunts. It would be like the "America's Funniest Home Videos" of the net.

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    That would be fun. I don't think we'd get much participation considering how dead the board has been lately, but you could count me in. It would probably be hard to record for a lot of people though. You would need to record it to VHS, then play it and record that onto a video camera or digital camera and put it on your computer. Easier if you have a capture card to transfer directly to PC, but I'm guessing not many people here have one. Then everyone would need a reliable place to host their video. I can't really host video with my geocities account since it runs out of bandwidth so quickly.
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    Angelfire is the best web service for free video hosting. I think you get 20MB of free storage, which I believe is good for a minute or two of mpg video. People would have to find out the maximum they could hold and plan their stunt accordingly. It might also add in another good challenge for people because they'd be trying to get as much intensity as possible into that short amount of time. For fairness, everybody's clip would have to have the same 1-2 minute time limit.
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    That would be very very cool :nod:
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    YAY!!! Your first non-akward sentence! *sarcastic clapping*

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