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Knock a door run


aka ginger warlock
Growing up one game I used to play was "knock a door run", I am sure there are other names but that is what we called it, the idea was as the title suggested go to someone's house bang on the door or window or ring the bell, dive into a bush wait for them to answer and then five minutes later repeat the process, the desire effect being to freak the owners of the home out.

In later years I now realise what a horrible thing that is to do. Anyone who has ever sat at home alone, heard a bang and gotten scared or seen "the strangers" will probably testify for what a horrifying experience it can be and for older people or people who have nerve problems it really can put them over the edge.

Did you ever play these "games"? Do you kids play them? Has it happened to you and how did you or do you react?


Well-Known Member
In America it's called "Ding Dong Ditch" (we used the doorbell instead of knocking). It's not meant to scare people so much as just really annoy them.

I have never actually played this game myself. I don't know, I just never really enjoyed tormenting people like that.

We did play some other games and pulled some pretty epic pranks, but it was always with people we knew. The best we ever did was call the neighbor girl at a friends house (who we happened to know quite well) and we completely flipped out that one of our friends had been taken and we couldn't get through to 911 Yeah, it was stupid, and there wasn't actually a problem at all, but the girl was really scared anyway. :lol:


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I don't remember me as a kid knocking on doors and then hiding to annoy the home owners.

Doing so may sound like fun if you like to irritate others. But the thing is that you never know if the home owners are going through a real hard time in their lives. Annoying them further can really put an extra strain on them.


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Yeah! I have played this game and this is really interesting game. I first named it as "ring the bell and ran away". This is very excited game and I think the name given by you as "Knock a door run" is perfectly about the game. Your idea is creative.


Sally Twit
I always played this when I was a kid. I am pretty sure most people would have done this at one time or another. It's just kids being kids.
It was never my intention to frighten anyone.. But then I would never keep knocking on the same door.


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Only to peeps I know cuz its NOT fun if you get caught. =( It just makes a ton of drama. I still do it to peeps I know cuz its all good and they do it to me too.


Creeping On You
I've never actually played the game, because I grew up on a property where our closest neighbour was a mile away lol. So it's a little harder to get away with that kind of thing.

That being said, if I HAD lived in an urban community of some sort, i most definitely probably would have done that. It seems like the kind of thing I'd do. However, I'd be too nervous to do it to someone I didn't know. I'd prolly only do it to friends or parents of friends.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I remember doing it one time with my friend Nick from down the street and it was my one and only time doing it.

We knocked or rang the doorbell, I can't remember which, and then hide. We actually did it two more times and on the third attempt the man ran out of the front door as we approached so we turned around and ran as fast as we could. I can remember him yelling at us as we ran haha. We hide in his backyard.

So yeah, never again after that.


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I think this is called Knick Knock in Australia, I have done it before and thank god never have been caught before. We used to do it a lot as kids, we would hide on side of the house, when the person ran out, we would pelt them with eggs and sometimes with balloons filled with paint. One of the most memorable pranks was the stink bomb, that property smelled bad for a good week.


still nobody's bitch
we called it ding-dong-ditch and no childhood "game" gave me more of a stomach ache than this. I thought we would all get arrested.