Knitted Slippers


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I am quite cold tonight so I decided to put them on. :) All the ones here that my family has are knitted by my grandma, awesome designs.

I've got my favorite pair, pink with white. :D

Anyone wear them?


Sally Twit
I wear slippers all the time when it's cold but I've never worn knitted ones. I brought a cheap pair from Primark the other day. They're cows. :)

They look like this but with a flower in the mouth:
Nope, no slippers for me. I don't even own a pair since they'd be a waste of money. I take everything off my feet the minute I get home. Just walking around in socks irritates me. I've gone out in the middle of winter wearing ony flip flops many, many times.


In need of Entertainment
I wear slippers (not knitted) just before I go to bed and in the morning before I get dressed. I wear my shoes constantly.