Knife crime in the UK


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Every day I turn on the news and yet again there has been another child stabbed to death by another child, everybody is talking about this issue yet nothing is improving it is only getting worse. All it takes is a look from someone that they don't like and they stab them. Children are going round in packs like wild animals with hierarchies within the group, standing on street corners drinking alcohol until the early hours of the morning. Something has dramatically got to change. These young people have no respect for people or property and they have no fear of death or prison. The police certainly need more powers, we need more police on the streets, tougher sentencing and sorry but these kids need to be punished harder. There needs to be allot better parenting and yes I do blame the parents although not entirely. What are your thoughts on this and what do you think can be done?


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I agree that the punishments do not seem anywhere near strong enough for someone caught carrying a knife.
I have heard of people getting away with a caution,which is not much more than a slap on the wrist!.
If they are caught carrying a knife,they should be arrested,charged and go to court,not be get told that its wrong.
Where my brother lives a 15 year old was nicked with a 8 inch hunting knife in his pocket,he was out in less then hour bragging about how he only got a caution,yet a friend of mine was charged with drunk and disorderly on his birthday,because he was being a bit noisy,he was taken to court and given a 120 quid fine and a record!.

If they can get away without so much as a fine,there is no incentive to stop carrying a knife,put the little f****rs away for a spell,let them see what life is like behind bars,even if it only changes the outlook of 1 in 10 thats 1 less knife on the streets.


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Here in the States we call them Gang Bangers.

There is little the common citizen can do about this rising epidemic. It's just as bad here if not even worse cause the little thugs carry guns here and have no respect for anything.

Who is to blame..TV, Video games,Music,Drugs,parents,Society as a whole? The answer is all of them. Now how do we fix it? I don't have a clue.

Until we stop glamorizing the 'Thug Life" in Movies,TV, Video Games and music it will only get worse.

It's a sign of the times, noting will ever change but the weapons they Carry. This has been an ongoing problem in almost All major cities across the world.

All the police can do is arrest the little punks and fill out a mountain of paper work, meanwhile the kid is in and out jail faster than you can say BOO!
#5 glad i live in a country where if im gonna be murked on the street i wont have to lie there and die for an hour lookin at my own insides gush out...

only in america! quick n ez


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pro2a one day you will make a post that does not revolve around guns, guns are not a solution to UK knife culture, you can keep the stupidly high homicide statistics on your side of the Atlantic with out introducing them over here.

I don't think the knife problem is as bad as the media speculates, the actual numbers per capita are relatively low. I do how ever believe that society, since the abolition of the working class community in the 1980s has lost its respect for one another, neighbourhoods no longer exist.... the answer I believe to be is to re-introduce National Service. Ever watch Bad-lads army! At the age of 16 all teens(male and female) should under-go 10 months military training which should include everything from being regimented to gaining a driving license. They should learn how to respect one another and themselves and be able to go back into society to be role models for the 14 year old hoodies to envy and look up to.

If a person is found to have a knife(or other weapon) without reasonable cause they should go straight back to National Service and serve the time being reformed rather than remanded. The punishment in short is national pride.

A secondray factor is to reintroduce localised work forces, no more commuting communities of 9-5ers who dont know the neighbour from Adam instead have whole streets where all the people know each other, work together at the same unit and send their kids to the same schools, rebuild the community from the ground up.
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I think the knife crime rate has dropped over the last few months...or maybe the media is too busy reporting about the resession :/

Some people carry pen knives and stuff for self defence, but even if they're caught with them they're in trouble; not everyone carries one to gut the next unfortunate person they see. But i do agree the penalties for those who have been caught for a knife crime should be stricter
I think the government should buy every single adult in England an old western firearm, a box of ammo and a cup holder so we can better protect ourselves. What? The cup holder? What the hell are you worried about that for?

If certain people are above the law -- teenagers are below it. You must be this pubescent to ride the judicial system. There's no respected deterrent. The problem arrives, nothing is done, people panic, more knives are introduced and thumbs are retracted from arse once the fan's so submerged in proverbial poop that it doesn't even rotate anymore. Action should have been taken 5 minutes ago. You either find the cause and rectify it, or scare the consequence so bad it steps in line. What you don't do is sit on your ass and talk about it for months on end as the toll rises, like these cronies on the bench have. There's many possible deterents but I'm yet to decide the most sensible and fitting. Luckily, that's not my job.

I read an article the other day on this issue btw that suggested nearby football clubs and their vastly paid empolyees are part of the cause. I used that article as the fan for my not so proverbial poop.


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I believe knife crime in the UK has dropped successively for a few years. I think it may have risen in certain locations over short periods of time but on the whole it is decreasing. It seems though that the media, as they do are making it into a much bigger issue than it is...after all bad news sells papers.

There was a report I read (I think it was on the BBC website) that the fact that knife crime seemed to be prominent in the media, actually made people who wouldn't normally carry knives consider doing so for self-protection against others. This was a opinion poll and not actual statistics by the way.

A couple of years ago the papers were full of reports of gun-crime, according to some of the more reactionary papers it seemed gun-crime was sweeping the nation, yet it was specifically localized to certain parts of the country (mainly the capital) and the actual statistics never really matched up to the paper's claims.


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I agree, the knife crime in the UK has just gone up and up and nothing has ever changed. I don't see any changes being made any time soon either. It's not just young people doing it though.

I'd like to know how young people are getting away with carrying knives though. Surely the parents should be paying more attention.