Knicks Still Interested In Carter


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New York Post -
Despite Vince Carter's disappointing postseason, the Knicks still have interest in pursuing the Nets high-flyer if he becomes a free agent July 1, a source close to Isiah Thomas told The Post.

The Knicks plan to revisit trade discussions they held with the Nets before the Feb. 23 deadline.

"They will do their due diligence with him," the source said of Carter.

The Knicks would have to work out a sign-and-trade agreement with the Nets. The Knicks, however, are wary of Carter's reported interest in getting a 3-year, $60 million deal - which they consider a long-term investment on a 30-year-old on the downhill portion of his career.

Thomas has stated the Knicks are not looking to use their $5 million mid-level exception on a free agent and aren't interested in adding to the payroll and luxury-tax bill.

Before the trade deadline, the Knicks offered the Nets a package of Channing Frye, Malik Rose and Jerome James (the latter two of which own bad contracts for their production) for Carter. The Nets declined, though they like Frye. It is believed they also asked about rookie Renaldo Balkman, who would look great on the fastbreak with Jason Kidd.

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Yeesh! This is old!! I can see i'm gonna have to bring the glorious Knicks back up to par on this site which shouldn't be too hard considering the Thomas trail and Marbury comments on it.