Kleptomania by Lee Devenport

This book is quite an interesting read. Available online at Amazon, or such like stores, it tells the tale of a man thrust into a world of thievery and deception.
It's not the most serious tale ever written, but is very easy going as a result. A simple action/horror/suspense affair with a few other unusual and stylised elements to it that make it pretty enjoyable.

It is professed and boosted as a 'tall tale' which I would agree to, as the characters seem larger than life, and the events that unfold within the narrative are often ridiculous, funny and yet quite exhilarating. A bit like the sort of stuff you'll find in a lot of Hollywood blockbusters. However, even if the plot is a bit shaky and silly, the main draw is the characters themselves, that over the eleven days depicted in the book seem to develop at a quick, yet kind of believable rate. They are very much worth reading about.

So if you like this sort of thing, and a possible twist at the end, if that's how you see it, then this may be worth a look. Especially since I doubt anybody even knows that it exists.

Kleptomania by Lee Devenport - ?