Kizarny FINALLY debuts on SmackDown!

After what seems like 3 months, Kizarny FINALLY made his debut on SmackDown!

He had a match with MVP in which...:

MVP lost

Also, about MVP, it seems as if he's a tweener right now, and I don't know what Kizarny is. A monster? He went up to fans, so that gives the impression he is a face, yet the fans cheered MVP during the match - which gives an impression that he's a heel. Err... That's why I say he's a monster character. Something along the lines of Umaga.

Anywho, I loved his entrance music, his wrestling ability and what he was like. More Kizarny. NOW!

What did you think of him?


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I think his debut was over-hyped. The semi-awkward DDT rollup finisher was the only hint of promise I saw in Kizarny. For most of the match I had the feeling that I was watching an unknown at a county fair. More attention to technique and less to maintaining a maniacal facial expression might help. And I'll be damned if I can remember a lick of his entrance music.

Contrast all this with DJ Gabriel's introduction to the bigs--great physique, distinct ring style, workable gimmick, catchy theme, ZERO pre-debut hype--and it just leaves me scratching my head. No doubt several within the company, including some new talent clawing their way to a guaranteed future spot, are similarly perplexed at this point. I hope that what I saw in Kizarny was just opening-night jitters (FCW clips I've seen didn't look too bad) and that he finds his stride before his chance is blown.


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i knew you'd be pretty damn excited about this match vilky :p

personally, i wasn't impressed at all. I liked the finisher aswell but for somebody who's gimmick is being 'strange' i didn't see anything particularly different about him, other than his appearance.

Another thing JR and Tazz were commenting on was Kizarny's pain threshold, and how he enjoys giving and receiving pain. That's something the WWE should use i think to make his character more interesting. Throw in a bit of Al Snow persona maybe...
I actually disagree with you guys about his finisher DDT-thingamajig. I didn't like it one bit. It was just... blah. No pazsaz or anything. Just a quick DDT to a roll up. When you have somebody like Kizarny, you NEED something more. A move that requires lifiting, I'd say.


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I have so much to say about Kizarny that I'll surely forget something.

I thought the match was slow, boring and honestly blew chunks. The fans weren't into it, they cheered the heel MVP and Kiznary didnt stand out to me. I've already read Vince and company have soured on him...not a good sign. He's real life friends with Edge and Christian so that'll help his career you'd think but you never know.

I thought the finisher was weird...and Kizarny is I guess that's good? I just didnt think it was that impactful...maybe it'll grow on me. Kizarny, or so I've read, is a martial arts expert. So why not incorporate that somewhere down the road? Too many damn rest holds in his debut match for my taste. And yeah, I guess he's a face? How the hell is that possible?

So in conclusion I thought Kiznary's debut was bad haha....for all the reasons stated above. I think there's potential there though so I hope WWE doesn't pull the plug too soon!