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So as a lot of you already know, I'm a big fan of Japanese wrestlers. When Kiyoshi came to TNA during the World X Cup I marked big time because he had the whole Great Muta "style" going. Now, in World Elite, he's kind of developed his own style...still, as a wrestler, he has good charisma, good in-ring skills, and a style unique to TNA.

I really think this guy should get pushed as a major player in the X-Division. They're not using him at all it seems, and he deserves a fair shot.

What does everyone thing of Kiyoshi? For those that have seen him, do you have the same hopes that I do?

Unfortunately, I think he'll be getting the "future endeavors" soon. :shake:

Here's a link to his Wikipedia page for those who aren't too familiar.

Akira Raijin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Well considering how TNA is panning out at the moment, he will probably be in line with alot of the TNA talent that's not being used.

He's a pretty good wrestler, good in ring abilities, and has the potential to get a great X division champion.


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i've always liked him but i have my doubts that easy e or hogan like him all that much

i havent 100% watched since they took over but i dont remember seeing him since then


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I don't view Kiyoshi as a huge star but he's a very good in ring performer. I think he fits into the X-Division perfectly.

I think it would be a mistake to let him go but I doubt Hogan and Bishoff think of him as much of a commodity.


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Though Kiyoshi has some talent, i can't see him lasting long under the Hogan/Bischoff regime. Hogan and Bischoff are old school and they're not gonna push talent just because they can put on a good X Division style match. The main thing for Bischiff and Hogan is gonna be, does the talent draw money? Despite his talent, i really don't think Kiyoshi is a big draw. I can't see him being used at all in TNA in the near future.