Kitty Question?


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My cat is of the age that I have to get her fixed.

Now this wasn't an issue, but i've had afew people tell me that if you don't let them have a litter before they're fixed, the become really bad tempered.

Is this true or just complete BS?


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My eldest cat (15 years old) got fixed when she was very young, hadn't had kittens and she hasn't become bad tempered at all, also my younger cat who is just over a year old has been fixed and she is also fine, so I think it's just BS personally but maybe other people have had different opinions on it.
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Oh, poppycock.
My cat was fixed when he was very little, but he was the sweetest cat i've ever met throughout his whole life.


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Well now I'm not sure the cat who isn't fixed is the trouble maker. I had my 1 cat fixed immediately at 6 months and then got another cat who I waited a bit to get fixed and they ended up getting into fights with each other because the one who wasn't fixed thought she was the big bad alpha cat and she wasn't. Once all were fixed, all were fine. So I really think you only get conflicts if you have more than 1 cat in the mix.


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I'm pretty sure it's just BS.
I've heard that about dogs as well, and I've never noticed any difference.
It's better to get it done ASAP anyways. If you wait to long it can complicate the operation. It's better that you get it done as soon as the cat is of age then wait later. Plus, if you wait for them to have a litter you also have to wait for them to stop nursing the kittens. And if you don't watch super carefully the cat could get pregnant again before you get to get it fixed. And you definitely can't get her fixed when she's pregnant.


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yeah this is total bologna. I used to work as a vet assistant, I like to think I know what I'm talking about. I also have 5 cats, 1 of which had a litter before she was spayed, and all 5 of them are as sweet as candy!


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I would have to say that it's BS as well. My cat is 14 years old and has never had any kittens and is the most loving fur ball I know.
My Kitten little Mrs is just about a year old and I am going to have her fixed as well.
I think mean pissy Kitty's are due to the way people treat them.