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Kitten Rescued with Leafblower


aka ginger warlock
If I was religious I would be going to hell for laughing so hard at when the kitten popped out of the tube :D.

I am glad the little one was fine :)


Registered Member
That was absolutely adorable. I'm glad the kitten was alright. It's okay to laugh because there were no injuries--that might even have to become one of my new gifs, where that cat pops out. There was even a cartoon-like "thwop!" sound. :lol:


LOL @ this YouTube comment:

This is disappointing, I expected to see a kitten with a leaf blower :(
That was cute. A very innovative way of saving a kitten. :D


Registered Member
Cute and funny. I wouldn't have picked it up though. That probably scared it more, and it might have scratched me.


blue 3
You can actually see that the cat tried to scratch the chubby guy that picked it up. The video is hilarious, you just see it come flying out of the tube. That poor cat is probably scared for life. Better scared for life then dead though..

too funny!


Creeping On You
I imagine they picked it up so that it wouldn't run into another hiding hole. They were talking about how there were some other kittens they had to rescue as well. Also kittens that young have weak claws, and so they don't really scratch that deep. It still hurts, but the damage to the skin is superficial.

Pretty funny when the cat popped out though lol!


rainbow 11!
LOL i'm so happy the kitteh is fine, but you can't help but rofl when that bitch pops up. that is awesome. i won't lie, that is pretty creative, I wouldn't have thought of that.