Kirilenko Doesn't Want To Be Dealt

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Feb 5, 2007.

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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Of course he doens't want to be traded. He's been playing for the same team during is whole career, and he's playing for a winning team that might go far in the playoffs. Plus if I was Utah I wouldn't trade Kirilenko because of what he brings to the team. I know he's been struggling but he's an awesome player, and might be one of the best five tool players in the league. You can't trade that even if he's stuggling. He'll play through it.
  3. Fresh

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    Im not liking the idae of trading him unless they get some talent in return meaning an all-star, or maybe the Celtics 1st if they listen to Paul Pierce. But other than that Ak should stay right were he is I believe he'll get of the hump and start producing again.
  4. tmac_for_mvp

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    I believe AK is giving Utah just what they need, defense. He is easily one of the best at it in the league, and since he plays alongside scorers, he doesn't need to use as much stamina on offense and can concentrate on defense. To trade him for a scorer like Pierce would definitely help the Celtics, they REALLY need some defense, but it wouldn't help the Jazz. Plus, the Jazz can't have too much black players, if they did, it wouldn't be...the Jazz. You'll see, soon they'll trade Fisher, Miles and Brewer, lol. As for Deron, I think he's been whitening recently, lol.

    JAZZNC Guest

    I doubt that AK will be traded. Especially since Boozer went down, he's been playing better. I think we need to see what this team can do in the playoffs before they start to try and mess with it.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    The team is finally back on the right course so why would he want to be delt? It is smart for him to stay put and just let things happen for himself and his team. He is doing an amazing job with the team and hopefully they will have similar sucess in the years to come.
  7. Celtic Fan

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    It will all depend on how they perform in the playoffs.
    If they lose their first series vs the Rockets, then perhaps changes need to be made.
    I don't know what posistion Andrei would play in Boston. He's not handling SF very well and Jefferson is best at a PF. Pierce could move to SG but I'm not sold that AK could play SF effectively on the offensive end.
    Also, unless the Jazz take Theo's 1 year left 11.6 mil contract, the C's couldn't match up salaries. They're not gonna trade Pierce for AK. It's either keep Pierce and get some experience to help, or Trade Pierce and look to the future... again.
  8. oxyMORON

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    He's wrong about no one being 100% safe. I'm pretty sure Kobe's a Laker for life. ;)
  9. TheDon

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    Mr. 47 will stay. I think they need him and will improve for next season.

    SONOF A VET Guest

    i would never trade AK. he can do it all. he just struggled in the playoff's because he had no playoff experince

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