Kirby Puckett


Sultan of Swat
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If your a baseball fan or especially a Kirby Puckett fan I am sorry to announce he just died. He had a stroke yesterday and he didn't survived. He was pronounced dead Monday March 6th 8:30pm eastern time.


Real good clutch player in playoffs. Unfortunately his post baseball life wasn't great but forget that. R.I.P. Kirby Puckett



A dispute over who should get Kirby Puckett's cremated remains could wind up in court if attorneys representing his children and his estate can't reach an agreement by the end of this week. Attorneys for both sides met Wednesday in Minneapolis to discuss the issue but were unable to resolve it, they said. Puckett, 45, died at an Arizona hospital March 6 after suffering a stroke a day earlier at his home in Scottsdale. His body was cremated in the Twin Cities after a March 12 funeral service in Wayzata. Since then, the ashes of the former Twins outfielder have been kept by a local funeral home. At issue is whether they should be given to Puckett's two children -- Puckett and their mother, Tonya Puckett, divorced several years ago -- or divided in another manner, presumably involving his fiancée, Jodi Olson, who was living with Puckett at the time of his death.