Kings seeking Iverson Trade

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Boston Herald - Two people running NBA teams insist Philadelphia president Billy King has been very active in calling clubs to find the best possible deal he can for Allen Iverson.

    Danny Ainge appears to want Iverson in Boston badly, but he did say that they didn't acquire Sebastian Telfair to trade him.

    "We didn't trade for Sebastian Telfair to send him to another team," Ainge said. "We got him to keep him. He's going to be a part of our team."

  2. Killerhertz

    Killerhertz Guest

    I cant imagine Iverson going off to another team. But yeah Iverson's been loyal to the 76ers, i doubt that he wants to change teams.
  3. I can see this happening, I think there was more to Boston's drafting than was let on. There is no good reason that they would trade Foye, arguably the best guard in the draft for a raw PG who is 2 yrs out of HS. I think they traded Foye for Telfair so they can package Telfair, Rondo and either West or Jefferson and trade them to Philly for Iverson.
  4. Molina

    Molina Guest

    Can't enter on my mind AI using other uniform, maybe King will fuck more tha sixers, and trade AI for busts....
  5. FLUR

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    Lol... Loyal??
    Missing practises showing up late how is that loyal. Well he had already hit his peak and I think the 76ers are ready for some change.
  6. RajaB

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    sixers is trying to trade away c webb and ai and i dunt think sac should get ai kuz they already have bibs
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    Billy King is a very smart General Manager, he won't trade Iverson for pocket change, he'll want a nba all star or a very huge prospect in return. Now the only people I can see the Kings trading that would be even fair for Iverson are Brad Miller or Mike Bibby, but I don't see Bibby going anywhere. It looks like that he will be trade before the season starts and there's a lot of teams that are interested, we'll just have to wait and see where he goes.
  8. Midnight

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    Where did the Kings come from?

    Anyway, Bibby isn't going anywhere. He's solidified himself and made that trade for Jason Williams worth it. I wish he would play some defense instead of standing like a damn emergency cone.

    In my dream world, I'd rather have Iverson on the team simply because he plays SOME defense. However over the next few years that would've been a bad investment by the Kings. Iverson is old, and declining.
  9. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    it will be iverson to boston for rondo,jefferson, prob. gerald green and another player from another team likely drew gooden

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