Kings Of Leon


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I was never a very big fan of this band, their first too albums never really put out a single that caught my attention. However when they released their third album last year "Because Of The Times" it did make me stop and reconsider my position on them. I found I couldn't ignore tracks like "Charmer" and "Fans".

It seems like they've done it again with their new single "Sex On fire", it just has a raw power which has been dominating the radio lately. Unfortunatley it's over saturation does take away some of the impact but I cannot deny that it's a great song. So I ordered the new album and it came a few days ago. So far I'm very impressed, the stand out track for me is "Use Somebody" which will probably be released as the next single in the next few months.

Anyone else got some love for the new album?


I am the woolrus
love them. when i first heard them i didn't like them so much, they did take a few chances before they grew on me (much from the persistence of one of my friends) but they eventually did grow on me. then i saw them live this summer and they were just fantastic. one of the best bands around at the moment.