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PlayStation 2 Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2


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I used to have to beat bosses for my girlfriend. It's a fun game, and she loved it, but it's not very advanced for the higher level users and wouldn't be very complicated for a person who plays games on a regular basis.`


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Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were both great games in terms of gameplay,graphics, storyline and replay value. You can get 100+ hours on this game and definitely a lot of bang for your buck. I remembered my friends would tense me about getting KH becuase they thought it was a kids game because of the Disney characters but it was fun and Squaresoft did an excellent job. I'm not sure if they're going to make Kingdom Hearts 3.


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I do have a special interest in kingdom hearts. I am not a fanatic though. It has its ups but also has what I think were not so good parts. I despise the mermaid because I kept dying from getting bit by Ursula. I kept reacting too late, That part was irratataing. In Kingdom hearts 2 I think singing just made that world worse. but it was a lot better otherwise