King tutenkamens curse


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Do you believe in this curse? From the time Howard Carter tuts tomb was opened people where dying of all causes like desises from mesquitos and suicides and unknown causes. Some people would go missing. An actress that dissapeard in italy was found on the shores of france 4 days after she dissapeared. I myself believe because the egyptians taped into magical things.


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Back this up with sources or I'm moving this to GD.

No, I don't believe they did. Could be ancient germs that survived all those years for all I know. Otherwise, it might just be a series of coincidences. There have been thousands of archeological discoveries, the fact that one had a strange aftermath doesn't really faze me.



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I think it's possible that the Egyptians left very potent diseases behind, to fit the idea of a curse, but I don't know. I've always been one to allow myself to be surprised, however.
I think that when you're expecting something bad to happen, you're more likely to see it happen. Because people think there's a curse, any bad thing that might happen completely normally or coincidentally is seen as a result of the curse. No, I don't think there's any curse, I think there's a lot of superstition.