King of the Ring is back!


Staff member
Yes! It was announced that on next weeks three hour Raw show that the KOTR will return and will be tri-branded.

I hope they use this to elevate someone into the main event scene.


Sultan of Swat
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I wish they brought it back Pay Per View style but at least were going to see King of the Ring matches again. I always loved King of the Ring, I never understood why it took it out for a long period of time. It was really entertaining in my opinion.

With that being said I'm glad there bringing it back even if it's only on Raw.


Where is my Queen?
Should be interesting on how it is going to shape up this year. I don't think it will be all they great because it will be on 'free tv'. Unless they do the prelimnary matches on Raw then wait for the ppv for the final four matches.