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TV "King of Queens", who here watches?


The Rock is cooking atm..
I watch it whenever I have the time.

She is hot now? Sorry, never knew she was pregnant :D


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I think it's a pretty funny show, but I only watch it once and a while for some reason. I guess that its just a matter of there being other shows I like to watch, and I'm never around when King of Queens is on. Jerry Stiller is hilarious.


Registered Member
She is hot now? Sorry, never knew she was pregnant :D
Hot now? I never knew she recovered after all that weight.

It's kind of weird how in my area when they show the show, it's usually twice back to back and in the first one it's always an early episode from when she was hot and the 2nd one is always a fat Kerri episode. It looks intentional almost.

But I still say the girl who plays Kerri's sister on the show kicks her ass in the looks department, even at her hottest.
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