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King Kong The Movie


Registered Member
I didn't see it yet, but the Rotten Tomatoes site was giving it pretty high marks. Before it came out, it was running 94% but after it opened, the rating lowered to 84% (due to more reviews coming in). A lot of reviewers are saying it is a really good movie. All of the bad reviews I read just were complaining about how long it is (3 hours and 7 minutes!). But, that is Peter Jackson for you.

If you aren't familiar with http://www.rottentomatoes.com/, it is a pretty cool site that compiles reviews from movie reviewers from all over. The end result is a rating. The closer to 100%, the better.

They also have game reviews too :)


Secret Agent
Staff member
You will never hear me complain that a movie is long unless it's also boring. A lot of good movies are too short. I haven't seen King Kong yet. I really want to see it, but I try not to see too many movies in the theater. They are way overpriced.

Does anyone know how closely he stuck to the original plot?


Registered Member
I haven't read anything that specifically said that he stuck to the plot, but most of the reviews I have read that mentioned the 1933 film has said that Jackson's film is a tribute to the original but goes into greater depth with the relationship of Kong and Ann.

I am sure I will be renting it on DVD the day it comes out. I don't go to the theater. I haven't been to one in over 4 years :-o


New Member
i saw the midnight show on tuesday. its one of the great action adventure movies. ever since hollywood got their hands on CGI action scenes have become an exorcise in bigger and louder. this is one of the few films that puts CGI to good use. and kong is such a great character in his own way. and in my opinion, a film like this is never long enough.


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Anyone else see this? Did you go LaRazaUnida?

I was just informed of a "present" of babysitting next week for my son. That means mom and dad can go out and play. It may be nice to see a movie, since it has been a while. Right now, King Kong looks like the best bet at the boxoffice. I'm not crazy about long movies, but I guess if it is good enough you shouldn't even notice how long it is.


Registered Member
King Kong was awesome, I recommend that everyone here sees it. And bring coffee with you. Or beer, or anything to get you through the 3 hours, just go see it! I'm seeing it a bone shocking second time, that is over 6 hours of film, so you had better believe that I am endorsing it!


Registered Member
I would definitely say you are endorsing it then. I wish I could see it, but I am gonna have to wait until it hits the video stores. I'm not the greatest at sitting through more than 2 hours for a movie.

Oh, I didn't get my present I was hoping for either. Oh well.


Registered Member
My girlfriend said it was slow moving, but she seemed to like it. I'll probably wait until it comes out on video.


Registered Member
I've never seen the original. I guess I should see this one, then. So it's 3 hours... was there any part that was boring to watch? How much of it is action, and how much of it is plot? What would you give as a 1-10 rating?
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