King Kong Musical


That's right, you heard correctly, there is a King Kong musical and it's AMAZING. I saw it tonight and it was one of the best stage shows I've ever seen. It was made here in Melbourne, and Kong himself is the most expensive puppet ever built.

Over 6-metres high and 1.2 tonnes.

Kong is controlled with a mixture of animatronics and on-stage puppeteers, as well as rigging above and below the stage. The most amazing things are his facial expressions.

That's a hell of an impressive puppet.

The music is a mix of contemporary songs and more traditional broadway stuff. It's going to be in Australia for quite a while, but if it's successful here I'm sure it will travel to other countries. New York need to see this.
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That actually looks really awesome. If it comes somewhere local to me, I will definitely go watch it.

I can't imagine all the work it would require to move that massive puppet.


It's pretty insane, it took over 50 people a whole year to build him. The show uses 65 tonnes of steel in the set and equipment. There are 300 metres of electrical cable inside Kong!

If you want to see him moving look at this.



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This is the kind of thing we should see more of in the theatre. Bring some imagination to the stage!
Looks like it would have been amazing to watch live.


It was! I really want to see it again. It took a lot of risks and did things that are really not traditional for a musical. Like using some electronica type music as well as more traditional music. When they first released what the music would be like many die hard theatre fans scoffed at the use of electronic music in a stage show like this. I was even dubious myself, but after seeing it I can safely say that it works, so well, and it's amazing!