Kind of like a hot dog eating contest...

How many LIVE Goliath Beetles would you eat for $1M each?

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Alright you are in a contest to see who can eat the most LIVE Goliath Beetles at once. (They die as you eat them obviously)

You will get one million dollars for each beetle that you eat. Kind of like a hot dog eating contest...

How many would you eat?


I think I'd try very hard to get one down. $1M would be very convenient to have and once I was done I'd look back and be glad I did it. I wouldn't try for more than 1 though unless it turned out to not be as disgusting as I expected.


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Either zero, or as many as I could until I can't eat anymore. Why stop at one when you already have that nasty shit in your mouth? Might as well keep going.


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For a million dollars I think that I could zone out any taste.

But you have to remember the sweet high pitched sound that it would make.

I would eat as many as I could.

Of course afterwards I would have a very long and horrifying experience that would most likely involve flushing my head down the toilet in horrified anger trying to throw up every last bit.
10. It doesn't look as bad as I thought. If it was something like a pig snout or bull penis then I might not even get 1 down. These things don't look too bad. Kind of cute, really. <3