Kind of common question about asking out a girl

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Well I thought this would be really common but I didn't see it on here, maybe I didn't look hard enough.

Anyway, there is this girl that I have been talking to for a few months, and I was thinking about asking her out but I don't know how she feels about me. On some days I think she really likes me, on some I think she thinks of me as a normal acquantiance. Is there anything I could do that would help her fall for me? And when would be a good time to actually ask her out?
Okay... I was gonna give you a big mushy schpeal of what you should look for, but I don't know you or the girl so I won't give you a round about way of going after it?

If you think this girl has a thing for you.. if you see her glancing your way when you don't think she's looking or many other apparent signs that is giving you this vibe then I think you should try to talk to her one on one in person. No friends... you and her and you should ask her if she does like you. She may say yes she may say no but you shouldn't have to do anything to make a girl really fall for you but be yourself. Trying to be something you're not may have a different effect or hell she may expect that behavior out of you all the time when you performed it trying to 'pull her in'.

I know this may not help but its truthful. Hell take the girl out to a movie. See how you two enjoy each others company and then make your move. And build up your confidence...

If she says yes then hell you have a girlfriend who was a previous friend...

If she says no then you still have the girl as your friend and you won't have to worry about what you need to do to impress her..


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Be friendly towards her, and ask her what her plans are, shell get the hint. Theres no real method to it, you just have to use your charm and see where it gets you.


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Hey, if she's been giving you the looks for the past few months and she's got no boyfriend. She wants you, go for it. Trust me.

If anything it would be better with some friend when you ask her. Take her aside (so she knows you want time with her, away from everyone else), and just ask her if she wants to go out. Maybe grab some lunch the next day. Works like a charm.

Oh yeah, how old are you and how old is she?


If you and a girl get to the stage when you're talking comfortably, all you have to do is proceed to do personal things with her. In high school, I'd always go to girls' houses or they'd come over just to like do homework and stuff. Once you guys start hanging outside of school, then ask her out. I've only asked a girl out a few times, most of the time we hook up before and I'm like 'Does this make us a couple?'. That's the easiest way IMO.

Bottom line, it's high school, experiment a bit. In other words, play the field.


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See how comfortable you two are together away from a group, but don't wait too long to see if she's interested in beiing more than friends. If you wait too long you might get the "i like you as a friend" or "you're like a brother" response.
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