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Mark ov teh Pond
Does anyone have Steam and/or play Killing Floor? Lately I don't play much games, let alone games in MP. This one I found I like a lot. Looking to find a core group to knock out some of these achievements.

I know this will get me flamed and beat up, but I really don't like L4D. I love zombies, just not fast zombies. No, I don't have L4D2 and I hear it is totally a new game/experience. It has to be, I mean it has no Zoey...


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Yeah, i do. haven't much recently. And in all fairness its not even comparable to L4D 1 or 2, very diffrent gameplay style. KF has RPG elements, L4D has more story and level progression. KF your in more of an arena and just have to live it out.