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Kiki Isn't Drinking Enough


Do What Thou Wilt
My dog Kiki tore her ACL about 3 weeks ago, so she has been hopping around on only 3 legs. She has been doing rather well, but she isn't drinking enough water. Whenever I let her out to the bathroom, I observe and can tell she isn't drinking enough. When I let her back in, I urge her to drink more water, but she won't. I mean, she is a normally lazy dog, but because her leg is bothering her, she doesn't want to get up, even for water. She's only had one meal a day. She's lost 6-7 pounds in the almost month since she hurt her leg. How can I get her to eat and drink more?



Creeping On You
I wouldn't worry too much man. Dogs always tend to eat more than they need to a lot of times. If she's not eating, she's prolly not hungry. Just put the food and water where she sleeps, and I she gets hungry enough, she'll eat. If you notice her getting weak and sick, then you should worry. Anytime any of our animals have gotten sick, injured or had surgery, they tend to eat less for awhile.


Sally Twit
I went to the vet with my hamster yesterday and one of the problems he had was an upset stomach. The vet told me to only feed him dry food for the next few days so that he drinks more. Might be worth a shot for your dog.


still nobody's bitch
I'd call the vet, Connor. If she gets dehydrated, that can be really bad news. If she really can't get up to go out and pee, then they can give subcutaneous fluids to prevent dehydration. If there's some other reason she's not drinking water, they can determine that as well.