Kids wearing stab-proof vests to school


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BRITISH children are wearing stab-proof vests to protect themselves from becoming victims of violence, according to a report on the impact of gangs on schools.
The report, given to London's The Independent newspaper, said teachers at one school where pupils are said to be "seriously involved in gangs" were "aware of young people wearing bullet-proof/stab-proof vests in school".

It cites one estimate that the number of pupils under 16 involved in gangs had doubled in the past five years.

The report, commissioned by the NASUWT teachers' union and prepared by consultancy firm Perpetuity, is the first in-depth look at how youth gang culture is influencing schools, The Independent reports.

It comes to the conclusion that children as young as nine at primary school are becoming involved with gangs used as "runners" and "couriers" to ferry messages by older members.

"Some of the case study schools felt the problem had increased over the last few years with gangs becoming more dangerous involving children at a younger age," the research says.

"Some schools have problems with pupils carrying weapons in school. This can include young people who carry weapons and/or those who hide weapons in and around school grounds."

The most common weapons teachers reported seeing were BB air pistols and batons. In one incident a teacher saw a meat cleaver.

One pupil told researchers he was wearing body armour because of "needing to", although attacks were more likely to take place on the way to and from school.

The report suggests several measures to lessen the impact of gang involvement, such as sending children on prison visits to see the effect of loss of liberty.
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Things are just getting crazy in today's world...

Isnt there a way they can control in what is happning with these kids?


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Wow! That is seriously messed up!
This whole knife crime thing has gotten seriously out of hand.
"In one incident a teacher saw a meat cleaver." Thats pretty drastic, what has gotten into these kids!?
Sucks that you can't even go to school without feeling the threat of being attacked. What's weirder is that they're airing out the knife-proof vests in the news so now everyone knows they're wearing them. I don't think there's even a school in my region doing such a thing like that.


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Xeilo said:
Isnt there a way they can control in what is happning with these kids?
We could always bring back the youth legal system, and try not glorifying gangs and "gangsta lifestyle" in mainstream "music" and entertainment.

But then, I've been saying that for years now --> Either I'm a moron, or there's need for a stab-proof vest market.
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wow its a sad sad day when kids have to wear stab proof vests to school, All i know is if that was to happen with my kids lol there butts would be home schooled.