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Kid's Meal toys


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Does anyone here collect them?

I don't collect Kid's meal toys in and of themselves, but if they're something I'm interested it, I will.

For example, when BK had the Pokemon toys, I made an effort to get them all (I missed a couple though). Now with the new Wii toys, I plan on trying to get all of them (I currently have 3).


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I buy the meal, let the kids have the toys, and they break it before the next toy is out for sale. Some "survive" and they add to the mess (aka toys) I have to clean up daily.

We did collect one thing: when Hamtaro came out.


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Never seen the Wii toys.

I get my collections from McDonald's only because I know someone who is the grounds manager lol Haven't gotten anything in years though.

I have the entire 101 Dalmatian train collection as well as the Disney glasses twice over and I use those glasses daily. I also have a slew of stuff from Taco Bell when I worked there but I don't think it was of any significance because I really can't recall what I have from there.


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I don't collect anything, but we have a nice collection of toys sitting in the living room. My roommate goes every thursday and gets herself a happy meal. We keep them out becuase they are a great conversation piece seeing as we name them all. Yeah they make us look like dorks, but thats okay with us lol.


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I don't collect them but my oldest son has a bunch of them. I never realy went after the kids meal toys because they are so mass produced and don't hold much value even if you have all of a certain series in their original bags.

I do find some of them cool from time to time and pick an extra one up for myself.

On a side note (Mal) I have a complete set of the Gold poke mon Cards (6) that burger King sold way back in the early 90's, they for sale if you are interested.