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Kids Kids Kids


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ugggggggg Ok I have 4 foster kids now as of Friday...before that I only had 3...plus my daughter and now for two weeks I am watching a guy my hubby works with son during the day.........to top it off I have my hubby home for 4 days lol

here are the ages 42 lol, 13, 12, 10, 7, 2, 6 months

Nothing really bad has happened, just lots of noise and running through the house.....I just wanted to know how many people feel sorry for me........I am to young to have this many children and I only gave birth to one!!!!!!!! Am I gunna be 60 years old and feel like 90?????

Anyway...just thought I would share


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Trina I think you are the richest woman on this board to have that many loving children running through your house, turning over milk, crunching chips in the carpet, coloring on walls, peeing in the floor (boys problems, they miss sometimes) and fighting with each other!! :) But the love for their Mom/Foster Mom is worth every minute of hecticness!! Am I right? :)


Wanna play?
Geez, no wonder your hair is sticking out all over the place...hmph! Oh..hee-hee, that's just your new avatar!
Seriously though Trina, I admire you for your GREAT BIG loving heart. It truly takes a special person to open their home and invite unknown chaos!
When my girls each have a friend over, I am ready to rip my hair out after the 1st hour, but at least I can send them home.
You are truly a rare breed, we need many more like you in the world! Just think of the little lives you are making better simply by being you!


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yeah now if that chest was really mine...hahahahah

I do feel good about what I do, but sometimes I think we need batter pay hahahahahahahahah I am rich with love that is for sure.....but chaos FOR SURE!!!! I come down here to the computer to take a break about ever 30 minutes...then my break ends up lasting longer and I then get interupted with MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, TRINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and NOOOOOOOOOO STOPPPPPPPPPP I'M TELLINNNNNNNN OHHHHHHHHH and don't forget the crashing noises..............hahahahahah



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lol i just found this, i wasn't around much yesterday lol.....anyway, kids will be kids....nani


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BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not do it. Some people are made for it. NOT me. I just have one two year old and I come to work for a break. When I first got home with her (she's from Russia), I took 3 months off. While I LOVED being a mommy and that little girl is the most precious child, after a while I was ready to come back to work and let my mom enjoy her. ;)


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Yeah that it so nice...not sure my mom would let me drop off all the kids .....lol

I worked full time when I started foster care....then it seemed I got to many...I could not keep up with Dr. appointments and all the other things I needed to do....Even though the state pays for child care I could not get anything done....So I had to choose what was more important to me......and although I complain it is the children....

I grew up with my mom (72) and dad (74)....I was blessed with a good home and good parents...awful brothers and sisters hahahahahah I lovem....some are just not fortunate and to know for a moment I helped them or made a difference......yeah that is just GOLD!!!

and it is not whether you can do it or not, cuz everyone can......its whether that is your calling....

I know I wont do this forever as my hubby is wearing thin...he is use to being his own person and being able to go somewhwere without planning...but if it was not for him...I could probably do this forever.....