Kidd Reflects on 79

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Dec 13, 2006.

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    The link has a total breakdown of all Kidd's triple doubles.

  2. Fresh

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    I think by the end of his career he'll have over 100 triple doubles, he's a natural playmaker that work hard ever minute he's on the court.
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    There's no other guy in this league except for LeBron James who can get triple doubles like he can. At this age it's just incredible to see him still get all those triple doubles every year. But with 79 Triple Doubles he's so far away and will never catch up to Majic Johnson and Oscar Robertson. It shows how good those two players were. The funny thing is that he missed so many because he missed one assist or 1 rebound. He's a guaranteed first ballot NBA Hall Of Fame.
  4. TheSportsGuy

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    Definitely, VC. He's one of the NBA all-time greats at the one guard. You can only name just a few more that are better than him in history (Thomas, Johnson, etc. You know where I'm going. The 80's were a great decade...or at least watching games on ESPN Classic have made it more reasonable that way.)

    True, as well; he's getting up there in age, yet he's still dropping 3D-oubles every night. It's quite a mystery, that he's doing all this work, and has put in alot of time on the court this year helping the Nets, even though they aren't so hot right now.
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    He has only two career triple doubles. So, what are you talking about?
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    I wasn't comparing triple double stats, so why bring up that? I was just bringing up two of the greatest all-time Points.
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    Oh sorry. I mistunderstood one of your sentences, and thought you said he gets triple doubles every night.

    #80 for Kidd today.
  8. TheSportsGuy

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    It's all good.

    And Kidd is simply put, amazing. I hope he can keep up these babies and keep dropping them leading the Nets (hopefully) to more wins. It'd be sad to see him go off this year with a pretty good season and not reach the playoffs. Of course, as long as they can sneak out of that Atlantic division, that really won't be a factor, it'd just be the first round.

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