Kidd, Maybe Carter, Expected to Make All-Star Reserves

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Carter and Kidd make All Star team

    I am so glad that Vince made it, because I think he deserved it, he's been playing well lately, except the game against the Pistons last night. It wouldn't be the same if Carter wasnt in it, because he always does one dunk that makes you say did he just do that.

    There was no way that Kidd wasn't making this team.

    Congratulatons both player.
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    I'm actually surprised Vince made it. I guess those two great games really nailed it for him.
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    I am personally not surprise that he made it, because first off he's averaging close to 25ppg, and he's been playing really well of late, except yesterday against the Pistons. Also he always puts on a show when he's there, some arguments can be made because there's two players from a team that don't have a great record that are chosen for the All Star team, but I don't believe there's anybody else there that is better then Carter who should of made it.
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    Its not an all-star game if Vince Carter inst playing, good to hear that Kidd made it as well wonder if he'll get a triple-double.

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