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Kicking out of finishers


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Stone Cold brought this up to Paul Heyman during his podcast. He said that he was annoyed that everyone kick out of what used to be a great finisher by Jake Robers, the DDT.

And, now, watching Cena give the AA to wrestlers in the last few months made me think of this. You see a lot of wrestlers kick out of other wrestlers finishers. Once, twice some times three times - yes, some times they still win their matches with said finishers, but what are your thoughts on the topic? Do you think that too many people kick out of their opponents finishers? Yes, I know it's to put a bit more drama to the match, but from what I remember, it barely happened in the past.



Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think its overdone for sure. I think more finishes should happen without the use of the finisher to get other moves over as well. The Fame Asser, for example. Have Ziggler win with that on occasion...I saw him win with superkick once too, that was cool.

Apparently everyone and their dog can kick out of the AA these days though. Super Cena isn't so super anymore/


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Everything in moderation, IMO.

Normally I don't think wrestlers should be kicking out of finishers, and the winner has to work hard to set up the use of their finisher so that it's a legit match-ender and not a feature mid-match. Make it look effective, painful, devastating, and like something that ends it all.

I think that a number of finish kick-outs and near-falls can make the right matches super exciting - take Cena/Owens for example. In that case, I'm fine with it. But when companies like ROH do too many spot finishes, that sort of thing loses its meaning. Save kickouts for really special bouts, or they won't mean anything at all. And remember that near-falls can come from situations that are just as exciting as a finishing maneuver - I always go back to an example that Kevin should remember. Once we were out at a bar watching a TNA PPV - I think it was Christian vs. Kurt Angle for the World Title. They had a ton of near-finishes in that match and a lot of them were convincing rollups that had me fooled. It didn't need to be 10 Unprettiers to be exciting.


Registered Member
Yeah, you don't need that many kick-outs of a finisher to shock and draw the people in. It all depends on how you build the match as well. Look for instance the first Taker vs Kane match at Wrestlemania XIV....they did 2 kick-outs from Kane but before that I don't think anybody had kicked out of the Tombstone Piledriver until Kane did. It has to feel special to make it work. Like Scoundrel said....roll-ups and small packages always are efficient, no matter what.