KG To L.A. Trade Talks Finally Arrive

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Los Angeles Times -
    The owners of the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves have begun talks for a trade that would involve sending Kevin Garnett to the Lakers, league sources said Monday.

    A multi-team trade discussion is underway involving the Lakers, Indiana, Minnesota and possibly a fourth team, with the Lakers getting Garnett and the Pacers getting Lamar Odom and teenage center Andrew Bynum from the Lakers. Another minor player will likely be added to make the deal work financially.

    Jerry Buss and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor spoke by phone for 20 minutes Friday. Buss reportedly ended the conversation by suggesting that Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak and Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale would continue the discussion Monday.

    Kupchak, Buss and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson met on Friday to discuss options based on the assumption they would still have Bryant, The Times has learned.

  2. That's good news, finally the front office is doing some work to bring in some talent. This is the type of stuff Kobe, and the fans would love to hear.

    Mark my words if the Los Angeles Lakers bring in an allstar to play along Kobe Bryant it'll make him, and the fans happy. Ultimately the goal is to contend for a championship not getting beat in the first round.

    But there is a big chance this dies out, but I can speak for myself and say this is a step in a good direction for the lakers management.
  3. Crispy

    Crispy Guest

    If the Lakers only have to give up Odom, Bynum, (filler), to acquire KG...they HAVE to do it. KG is a top 5 player in the league. Odom and Bynum are both just starters. Bynum has potential, but when it's all said and done, he's just going to be your average center. He's way too slow to be dominant. As for Odom, he's as inconsistent as they come. Shipping him out is almost a plus. So let's say we trade Odom, Bynum, Radmanovic, 19th pick for KG. Here's the depth chart:

    C - Kwame Brown / Ronny Turiaf / Chris Mihm
    PF - Kevin Garnett / Brian Cook / 2nd round pick
    SF - Luke Walton / Vladimir Radmanovic / 2nd round pick
    SG - Kobe Bryant / Maurice Evans / Sasha Vujaic
    PG - Jordan Farmar / FA / Shammond Williams

    This isn't bad at all, but it would be that much better if we traded Brian Cook for Luther Head, which is a rumor as of now.
  4. leftymo

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    I'm getting information from multiple sources including radio reports from los angeles, espn, jim grey on espnews, etc...

    The deal is involving four teams (three of which have celtic GM's... interesting).

    Boston & Indy are unsure of whether JO & LO would play in those cities respectively. Apparently Lakers & Minny are on board with the deal.

    There is some discussion that Kwame could be added in the deal, and Jaric coming back to LA. Boston gets JO, Indy gets Bynum & LO (exactly what they want for JO), and Minny gets Green, the #5 pick, the #19 pick and also a few fillers.

    Nobody is denying this deal thus far. I'm sure it won't happen because its a four team deal and three of the guys are celtics (why would they help the lakers)... (Ainge, McHale, Bird).
  5. Celtic Fan

    Celtic Fan Guest

    I read a similar report, but it included Jefferson on Green, which is idiotic to get just O'Neal and his injury prone ways.

    Minny getting Green and 2 draft picks for Garnett?
    seems like a stretch too.
    don't see that happening. Boston would have to give up a lot more in salaries (probably Theo)
    this rumors are 99% dream sequences too. You never have this many big names moving at once.
  6. leftymo

    leftymo Guest

    Yeah the details regarding Boston & Minny is hazy...

    All we know for sure is that Glen Taylor & Buss have agreed in principle including contract extension for KG and that ideally Indy always wanted Odom & Bynum for JO (which is overpaying)...

    So Boston's role is uncertain.

    apparently Boston didn't want to give up #5 and Jefferson/Green package for JO.

    and has nixed that possibility (according to LA Times).

    Boston is in a tough spot because its uncertain what they want. KG & Marion won't go there, and they don't want JO...

    Minny wants high draft picks and young players. That's what Boston has.
  7. Celtic Fan

    Celtic Fan Guest

    I'm happy the C's are not bending over to give up our future for older stars who have anywhere from 2-5 years left.

    If we keep al, rondo and paul, any of those deals will work for me.

    nothing out there will convince me to give up the #5 and Al
  8. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I agree you should keep Jefferson that's for sure because he's going to be a beast in a couple of seasons. I agree the Celtics did a good thing to step down from these trade talks because it was a lose, lose situation for them because they were giving away good assests and not getting anything good in return. Ainge did the right decision in this situation.
  9. Celtic Fan

    Celtic Fan Guest

    now the tough part is the rumor that if the C's don't make a move to bring in veteran talent before the draft, Paul is going to publically ask for a trade.. which pisses me off about any superstar.
    It ruins his trade value if other teams know a team is desperate to deal a star player.

    he's paid multi-millions to lead the team to success, he should be a pro and handle his frustrations behind closed doors.

    that's why I don't like Vince or T-Mac because of the way they handled things
    it's plain chicken shit to go crying to the media.

    I hope one day a team makes one of these guys play out their outrageous contract and suspend him if he's not playing at his best (like vince did in T.O.)
  10. StroShow

    StroShow The return shall be legenday! V.I.P. Lifetime

    There's been a lot of speculation about this trade in the last week, and if the Celtics won't bite then the Wolves and Lakers might have to do a team on team deal. It would be really sick to see Kevin Garnett playing along side Kobe Bryant. That would definitly make them instant contenders. If they can learn to play together. The only thing that I really can't see happening is the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum. I thought the organization said that this dude was un-tradable?

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