KFC or McDonalds?

hmmm !!! this sounds food...

I like to eat in the fast food chains, and this two are among other who i like the most. how about you guys?


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Neither one actually. KFC is too greasy to me and McDonald's just has bad food except for the fries and that's not a good enough reason to go there frequently.


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KFC but only if there's gravy. They don't sell gravy here. There are also more McD branches here than KFC (one has to purposely go there to see it). I like crispy chicken and I crave for it especially when all the chicken type they usually sell here are roasted ones, not deep fried.


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I love KFC. I always have the fillet tower burger and I never find it to be greasy. Maybe all the other stuff like hot wings are greasy but I'm not a spicy meat fan.


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Both. KFC is more filling. When I eat fast food I eat like a pig :lol: Large Fillet Tower meals for KFC, Large Big Mac meal with a Double Cheeseburger (or two :lol:) for McDonalds.

But damn it, I'm hungry now :-/