Keyboard Issue?


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OK, I have a problem. One of my relatives computer is on the fritz I guess. We had a bad storm recently and someone over there was still on it( which was smart:sick:) now her keyboard doesn't work anymore. Now, she tried to replace it and bought a new one,but it didn't work either. Now, I'm assuming that the component for the keyboard blew out or something and I need to know if there's a way to replace it or have it replaced.
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I'm not 100% positive but there should be a way to replace it. it's quite possible that part of the hard drive got fried too. You're best bet is to go to your local best buy or circuit city and talk to the geek squad they may give you some decent advice.


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What exactly do you see on the screen when you start it up?

here are some things that you could try.

if you have a mouse that can plug into usb then I'd do that then put the keyboard into the standard mouse slot (a keyboard and mouse use the exact same type of socket)

option 2: get a USB keyboard

I think that it's a pretty good chance that the motherboard was fried in which case if you don't know how to fix that then you'll need to seek professional help. I've seen motherboards fry all the time it's not uncommon especially on very new or very old computers.


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Probably a motherboard issue. Seems to be a common problem with computers that get struck by lightning. Most likely, the USB controller on the motherboard was damaged. Either it's sending too much voltage to your keyboard and damaging it, or your keyboard is fine, and the USB port isn't registering it correctly.

I'd start by taking a keyboard you know is good, and moving it around to different USB ports on the computer. If you find one that works, you could leave your keyboard attached there. But remember...if you have a bad USB port, just about ANYTHING you plug into it could be damaged. So from here on, I'd be careful not to use the faulty port at all.

The other problem is you don't know what ELSE on the board may be damaged. You might want to have it looked at by a pro. At any rate, make sure everything on that computer is backed up to CD-R just in case!