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Do you have a key chain? What do you have on it? How many keys? What accessories do you have (if any)?

I have a basic .75in key chain. The main accessory is a .38 Special +P dummy round, though I also have a used rip chord for a parachute. I have two keys, one to my work, the other to my locker, and I also have a card for my local community center. I keep a karabiner on it for attaching it to a belt loop.
My flat keys are just loose. My car keys have a small bumble bee plushie and a little police man from london. My home keys have some teddy thing my friend gave me, it connects with hers.
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My key chain for my flat keys have my USB stick on it and a clip on it that clips onto a bit on the inside of my bag so I don't have to look about for it at the bottom of my bag.

My car keys have an "N" key ring on it, a Tae Kwon-Do keyring on it, a key ring I got from my driving instructor saying "congratulations" on it and my tesco club card lol


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I have my car key and remote, house key, tiny Swiss Army knife with a pen and light on it, and most importantly a small bottle opener.


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I have my house keys, front and back, a few Bolton Wanderers keyrings. A few keyrings i stole from work, a Mercedes keyring to make people believe i drive a mercedes (I can't even drive) and an allan key never know.


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Mine has some purple thing on it that came with my work key when I got it cut, an unnecessary amount of the actual ring things you hook your keys onto, and a green bottle opener. Oh, and keys of course. I used to have heaps of key rings attached, but they annoyed me when I searched through for the keys, so now it's down to the necessities.


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I have lots and lots of key chains, because I make them!

Mostly I make little stuffed horses and other animals. Most recently I made a couple of llama ones. I don't usually sell them because where I live few people seem interested.

Interestingly enough, I don't ever actually use them for holding keys, because that tends to kind of mess them up. Instead I use them as zipper pulls or "pets" on handbags, etc.

I also have a little plastic goat on a keychain that I got for free many years ago at my work. It is the cutest thing ever!


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This is my keychain:

I have my two car keys...1 is to start the car and the other is to unlock the door. I have my house key, and my parents house key on it as well...I also have a key to open my mailbox.


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I have two keys to get in to my flat and I also have a key to my parents house so I connect them all to some keyrings. I've got one of a koala bear that someone gave me when they went to Australia, one little dog made entirely out of beads, one with my name on and then one that connects them all together. I might take a picture later.


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I have two sets of keys. One is for my car - car key, car remote, and a red apple keychain from Coach (I collect apples). The other is for houses - my apartment key, two keys to my parents' house, (possibly) a bank safety-deposit key, and a dog-tag keychain with a picture of my first two dogs on it.