Kevin Nash suspended with pay


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For your information...

I don't see where Kevin Nash really fits in with TNA unless he's affiliated with Hulk Hogan when he debuts.

Kevin Nash Responds To Rumored TNA Claims
By Amish Patel
Nov 5, 2009 - 8:07:54 AM

- There have been strong rumors that Kevin Nash has been suspended from TNA after strongly criticizing the way the company handled Chris Sabin's ring injury last week. Regarding this, Nash has responded with a statement on his Facebook page:

"Thought I would clear up some internet bullshit. The reason I did not receive a letter from TNA was because this matter was discussed between President Dixie Carter and myself. I promise you it cost me not a paid vacation at my beach home. I understand Dixie's reason for the action she has taken but stand by my reaction to what at the time appeared a serious neck important injury to [Sabin]."

Kevin Nash is currently suspended with pay, which explains why he didn't appear at last night's iMPACT! tapings in Orlando, FL. The word as of a couple of days ago is that Nash's punishment is that he'll be required to work a house show.