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Kevin Nash arrested, and then cleared


Living in Ikoria
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Basically, what happened is that Kevin Nash was arrested for battery after taking down a guy at a bar who had been flirting with Nash's wife. Nash was cleared, though, because apparently the man he attacked was being aggressive after Nash's wife had said no to his advances.

Haha, why do pro wrestlers' significant others always cause bar fights? :confused: :lol:

Initial TMZ report: WWE Star Kevin Nash -- BIGGEST MUG SHOT EVER! | TMZ.com

TMZ report after Nash was cleared: WWE Star Kevin Nash -- Cleared After Battery Arrest | TMZ.com

JR's comment about it in his blog: Tuesday Ramblings..RAW Thoughts...UFC..Strikeforce..'Death Clutch'..Store Still TEMPORARILY Closed. | J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q

@RealKevinNash defended his wife against a drunk dude with a beer bottle in hand and it was Kevin who got arrested and where it was made to look like a big deal by TMZ. Must have been a slow news day. Kevin protecting his wife isn't a crime the last I looked and it sounds as if the police over reacted. When Kevin told me this story last week, I never dreamed that it would actually become national gossip/news. I'd love to do a sit down DVD interview w/ 'Big Sexy' about his career.


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Well since he was cleared I guess all is okay and he was just defending his wife so eh, I'm over it haha