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Ketchup or Mustard


It depends. On hamburgers or fries, I prefer ketchup and on hot dogs or sausage, I prefer mustard.

They are also excellent together.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Ketcup has always been my thang! Kinda wish we'd call that here in Australia. Mustard always had a pungy sort of smell and taste, sort of like tartare sauce, was never a fan.


Are you a condimist? What about Mayo or Relish? My burgers are layed upon a thick bed of Mayo or Miracle whip and topped with ketchep and sometimes a splash of mustard for some zing. Mayo and Ketchup are my most used condiments. Mayo is one of the foundational ingredients to any sandwich containing meat, including hot dogs and subs. Ketchup marries beautifully with many foods containing cheddar, especially KD, and a little bit goes wonderfully with meat loaf. French fries need either Ketchup or gravy to support them, unless of course they are heavily salted like McDonald's shoe-strings. Without Ketchup or Mayo I would probably starve. I've known people who eat Ketchup sandwiches. I've tried it... Much better with mayo, but I still prefer using condiments as backup singers rather than leads.

- Cham