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kermit cuzen on ebay...........

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Nani - I got ya on my WL! Cute auction & congrats on getting yourself back up on ebay!


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Hahaha Cute auction! I am watching too! Good luck! :)


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nani1987 said:
hi all add me to your watch......... wanna see how this one will go........... I am back under my old ebay name....nani1987
here is the link.............nani
it is a funny one...................
Add me to your watch.............list please..............thanks all
Nani if ya get pulled it will be , because of all those .coms' and www's and the wrong size banner! You have the "static" banners but they are too big and there are .coms on most all of them. Also. You have be on ALL those pages in order for you to be allowed to promote them.
Just letting you know..

Many members use third-party solutions and services to perform key functions in their listings. eBay allows discrete identification or ’credit‘ for third parties that provide services or products directly connected with the particular listing as long as they meet specific requirements outlined below.

To acknowledge or credit the company offering the product or service, the credit may contain the following (only one may be clickable):

No more than 10 words of text (HTML font size 3)
A logo (88x33 pixels)

Additional requirements for third-party credits include:

The credit may not contain promotional material about additional services or other information about the company. Instead, it should simply identify the service provided by the company.
The credit may link only to the third-party company's Web page containing information about the eBay service.
The service being credited should only be one that the seller is using within that particular listing.
If an image hosting service is used, sellers may display a credit for the image hosting service provider (as long as the credit adheres to the above guidelines).

"The credit may link only to the third-party company's Web page containing information about the eBay service." <~~ Thi sis where they used the wrong choice of words. They should have said "statick link" Because once you have an outside link. that is breaking a rule.

See how tricky their rules are?

You have to go to the links questions on ebay.
They have another one that says you can't link outside.
The rules are tricky...

lmao @the typos.. Yall get it..
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what? no pink?
wow it's 7 o`clock in the morning and it's gone already?? sheesh well I didn't get to see it but if you get it back up I'll watch it for ya!!


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yeah someone turn it in........but it is relisted ....................
i know who did and that was wrong................nani


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Wow Nani...that stinks you got pulled so quickly. But glad ya got it back up! Are ya gonna post the new link in here for us so we can watch?


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I would but I am afraid someone will turn it in and it will get pulled again
I made it different...................if you want it im me on yahoo.
it made me mad that it could of been either someone here of pure jealousy and don't know why if that was the case or someone new just wants to cause trouble. so I took off my ebay name here... I have a new one name...........but it like a mysterey lol or a treasure hunt.................lol nani
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