Kennedy Injured / Roster Moves


#1 Spammer of FC
Mr. Kennedy has indeed suffered a very serious triceps tear, that happened this past weekend. Kennedy will undergo surgery sometime soon and will be out of action for about six months.

This is the reason why WWE had Edge win the Money in the Bank briefcase on RAW last night. Kennedy was limited as to what he could do in the ring, explaining why it was such a short match. Expect major roster changes on SmackDown and RAW in the coming week since both Kennedy and The Undertaker are going to be out with serious injuries. These changes could involve one Randy Orton, who we posted about yesterday. Some of these changes could start tonight at the SmackDown tapings.

This is Kennedy's second major injury in less than 18 months. He tore a muscle in his back in December of 2005 that put him out until June of 2006.