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Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I’m sure you’ve seen it, if not, it’s pretty easy to find since it’s the talk of the Internet right now.

Whoever got paid to come up with that idea should be rethinking their career.


not a plastic bag
I just watched it here: https://www.wired.com/2017/04/pepsi-ad-internet-response/
And I honest to God didn't see anything wrong with it?!?

So. I'm reading the article from wired:
The message is clear: All those Women’s Marches,Black Lives Matter protests, and demonstrations outside Trump Tower would be much more effervescent—and effective!—if someone had just brought some soda.

That's not at all what I thought. I see it like the cops are there to help you. To be sure you can protest peacefully without having nutjobs in or out of the protest disrupting the event and do illegal things.

I honestly don't understand what the problem with the commercial was? Was what wired said the problem? Or was it because Bruce Jenner's daughter was there? Do I have to assume that all cops are evil and don't deserve to be told thank your for preventing looting at an organized march?


not a plastic bag
I find this fascinating because I'm on the outside of an outroar that is confounding.
I'm looking at different reactions to see what I'm missing.
The View: makes the protests look like block parties. Using social justice to sell soda.
Washington Post: appropriating serious political movements to sell soda.
Huffington Post: was similar to a BLM protesters who was arrested.

I can understand some of that but I still don't get it. It seems to me the outrage only works if you see police as evil. I don't get that. there are bad cops sure, but there are also bad protesters. Seems you'd want the cops to be there to stop the few protesters among many that are only there to cause problems.
If this was a Chinese or Russian ad where protesters are shot I could understand the outrage but it's clearly an American ad.


Registered Member
When you step into a minefield like that, you had better be bold (and right). . ... or don't do it.


Problematic Shitlord
It's incredibly depressing that a fucking soda commercial causes this sort of uproar.

We've got more important things to spend our outrage on. Grow the fuck up.


Registered Member
K. So maybe a Dr. Pepper Spray ad too? If it's peaceful protest then where are the bricks, guns, looting, and rubber bullets? Imo, that ad takes retard to a whole new level. Just saying...


not a plastic bag
I just watched it again and I think I get it. Its the cheering at the end. The cheering at the end says "ok, problem solved." Meaning that they were never really protesting anything to start with. I see how that's demeaning to anyone that's ever been involved in a rally/protest. If they did a commercial with TeaParty protesters and at the end Bruce Jenner gave a pepsi to the IRS or to the people that passed ObamaCare and then all the TeaParty people started cheering, I'd find that rather insulting.
but, thanks for all the help when I was trying to figure it out, lol..


Registered Member
Yeah We the Sheeple...
If you have serious issues about what's happening then STFU and drink Pepsi...
The Pepsi ad insults our intelligence.
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