Kendall, Brewers agree in principle

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by DirtDog, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. DirtDog

    DirtDog Guest

    The Brewers wanted a deal with free-agent catcher Jason Kendall before the start of the holiday weekend, and, pending a physical, they got one.

    A day after trading away incumbent Johnny Estrada, the Brewers announced they had agreed in principle to terms with Kendall, a 33-year-old coming off an uncharacteristically poor offensive year with the A's and Cubs. It is a one-year pact that includes a vesting option for 2009 that will kick in should Kendall start 115 games.
    The contract will not become official until Kendall passes a physical in the later part of next week, general manager Doug Melvin said. "When I was [the GM] in Texas, I had Pudge Rodriguez for seven years," Melvin said. "Here, we've changed catchers a few times. This is a position that's very valuable, and sometimes you have to look for somebody every year."

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Very good pick up for Brewers he's a tremoundous catcher, he works well with pitchers, he calls good games, and he doesn't make many mistakes. He also hits for average. He will for sure help the Brewers pitching staff. Good signing for the Brewers.
  3. D.Lee

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    I'm kinda glad he's gone. He didn't do to much with my Cubbies. =\
  4. Hoosier_Daddy

    Hoosier_Daddy Registered Member

    He didn't do much offensively, but he sure as heck helped out with the staff. He's a solid defensive catcher. He might now throw out as many runners as he used to, but he knows how to work a batter.

  5. Millz

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    This is what we call a downgrade. If I were the Brewers, which I'm not, I would rather have Estrada over Kendall. Maybe I dont understand the Kendall hype. He's a good team player and defensive guy but offensively he's terrible.
  6. StroShow

    StroShow The return shall be legenday! V.I.P. Lifetime

    He's not what he used to be but I still think this signing is a great signing for this ball club. The reason is because there such a young team with hardly any veterans, and that's the reason why they collapsed at the end of the season and fell short of a playoff spot. Adding this veteran catcher to the clubhouse will only make this team stronger next season.
  7. Rise Up! (Witness™)

    Rise Up! (Witness™) Registered Member

    I disagree with that, I think he did a world of good for your Cubbies. He stepped in the starting catching role after Michael Barret and Carlos Zambrano were fightning and bringing the whole team down into the dumps. As soon as they got Jason Kendell, and Lou Pineilla went off on the umpire, the Cubs got back on the tracks and took off in the N.L Central.

    Jason Kendell is a great defensive catcher, one of the best in the league. He kept the Cubs in line, and brought great leadership to a team that was lacking in that area.
  8. DaSportsGuy

    DaSportsGuy Registered Member

    Great post Rise, I agree. In his time he was with my Cubbies, I felt alot more comfortable with him back their over Geo Soto or Henry Blanco or anyone else. The one thing that really impressed me about Kendall was that he hit alot better than I or any of the other Cub fans thought he would. I can still see the times in my head when he ripped a hooking line drive down the left field line for a 2-bagger. This season was really enjoyable for me and alot of other loyal Cub fans who really helped us accelerate our play and when we were down, Lou would go out and do what he does best, dropping some "F bombs" on the umps to get us back up.

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