Ken Shamrock - hit or miss?

Do you guys believe that Shamrock was a hit or miss in the WWF? Usually when wrestlers win the King of the Ring, it kicks starts them to a great career, e.g. Stone Cold Steve Austin and a few others. But it never happened to Shamrock (and Mabel). Do you think shamrock was pushed the right way in the WWF? Or should they have gone another direction? I truly believe he had the talent to be someone special in the squared circle.


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Bex, posting in the wrestling forum..Cool:)

I always liked Shamrock and don't believe he got a fair shake from the WWF. I don't know what happened though and what fault lies with him.


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Are you a closet wrestling fan or something? I am shocked by this thread that I'm having a tough time coming up with the words, haha.

Anyways, I liked Len Scamrock (Jericho's nickname for him). He's a former IC champ, Tag Champ and I think Hardcore champ. He did his job for the time he was there and he was pretty over too. He had a nice feud with the Rock and the Nation.


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I agree that Shamrock just didnt seem to make it in the WWF. I loved him personally and he was one of my favorite guys. But you're right, King of the Ring should have launched him and he should have been the calibre of someone like Stone Cold. I wont say its McMahons fault though, I honestly dont think that Shamrocks heart was in it. He's said it himself that he much preferred the Real Pride Fighting over the acting. And because of that I think he really was only in the WWF for a quick buck and maybe a shock and awe campaign.

hah I couldnt find a video on it, but I did find a date. I remember Shamrock's "Straight Jacket" match, June 14th, 1999. hahahaha thats really the last I remember of him in the WWF. Seems like he kinda disappeared afterwards.


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I consider it a failure. Whether it was due to booking or not, to me, Shamrock just didn't have the toolbelt to be a carpenter. He could swing a hammer but he just didn't have any nails. Enough corny references, the point is, Shamrock just wasn't the total package. He was shoved down the fan's throats early on and although decent in the ring, he had no personality and was just plain shit on the mic.
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He could have been booked as a relentless machine, considering his background as a UFC competitor...but yeah I think he just wasn't as over with the crowd.

His biggest moment would perhaps be when he was in that stable "The Union".


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I'd prolly say he was mostly a miss but it coulda been a lot worse too...

he did win a secondary title and was involved with the corporation...


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I really enjoyed his feud with Steve Blackman. I thought it was a highlight of the mid-card in the early Attitude era.